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Moby Fish PU



Over 20 years ago I made the first Moby. I had ridden fishes in the early 70’s. I wanted to revisit the glide and speed of a fish. The first Moby I built, 1999, was 7’10 22.5 3.1. Volume? No idea. No matter. It did the job in smaller surf and I rode it on some bigger days. I was quite happy with it. It made the cut on the 2 or 3 board quiver I kept in the back of my truck. In 2005 I made my first 4 fin Moby. I really liked the feel of this ride. I had ridden it in surf up to approximately 5 foot. One day I thought the surf was pretty small, so I took my Moby down to Blacks. Nothing else. I was very fortunate to have a key. When I got to the bottom of the road, the surf looked as I thought it would. Pretty small but clean. I put on my wetsuit, pulled the Moby out of the back of my truck, closed the hatch. I looked out at the lineup and did a double take. A solid 6-foot set. Fu#k! Well, it was the only board I had with me, so off I went. My first wave, I was trippen, because I thought I would really have to pull back on the reigns. No. The board took off like a bat out of hell. It had no top end. After a few more waves,

I was completely sold on this design and the versatility it had. It’s been very popular, some of my good friends had them. What was interesting, their sons, some of the best LJ reef surfers, tried them and didn’t want to give them back. They ordered duplicates. Not smaller, leaner versions. The same boards. They actually rode them on the bigger days. Because of it’s size, it is a great board for beginners and is a great alternative to a longboard. As it turns out, it’s good for all ranges of ability and surf. The entry rocker is relaxed which helps with the paddle. The exit rocker is on the average plus side which helps with turning and fits into the waves better. The fuller outline provides lots of surface area: glide and speed. The rails are fuller but somewhat angular with a lower apex providing lift and control. I were relegated to one board, this would be it. Fun.

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