DAFIN Aletas
Signature Zak Noyle Sunshine


Zak Noyle is one of the best extreme surf photographers in the world. Through his work in the ocean in Hawaii, he has formed a relationship with World Renowned Waterman, Kai Lenny. Born & Raised on the island of Maui, Kai is a product of his environment. From the biggest waves in the world to the smallest swells and the strongest winds. It’s all about staying in the water and having fun no matter what the conditions are. 8x SUP World Champion with a passion for competition and innovation. The sky isn’t the limit, space is only the beginning. Together, we bring you the Zak Noyle x Kai Lenny DaFiN.

The DaFin Fins offer the perfect balance of comfort and power and promise fun for any water activity from swimming to bodyboarding. They are endorsed by the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association, United States Lifesaving Association and used by the best professional watermen and waterwomen around the world.Fins float in salt water. The Fins are lightweight and great for travel and can be worn on either foot. Made with quality, natural rubber.

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