RUSTY Surfboard
Lowrider PU



The Lowrider is a shorter midrange board. A semi full nose. A roundtail. Moderate center width. A little on the thin side.
The entry rocker is very low. Thus, the name. This helps the Lowrider catch waves and creates fast trim. The exit rocker is aggressive with an even flow. This gives it a fairly tight turning radius. A round tail helps keep turns clean and smooth.
The bottom entry starts with a modest vee. The center flattens out a touch. Going into the “zone” the vee becomes more defined and deeper. It slowly becomes lightly hooked. Finishes with a lightly rolled vee off the tail. A Classic Beak adds touch of volume to the front end, which helps with paddling and supports a forward stance.
The Lowrider can be ridden with any fin configuration. Designed for everyday, smallish conditions, it handles a little bigger surf as well. A great addition to your quiver!

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