RUSTY Surfboard
Egg PU



The eGG is something that comes deep from Rusty’s roots. He’s been shaping eggs since his early shaping days at G+S in 1972. As he developed his own style shaping, his eggs followed and developed their own direction. The eGG incorporates some of those elements. This board is built for days when you want to catch more waves and have more fun. It will work in anything from knee high to slightly overhead.

The eGG has a fair amount of rocker in the tail but not much up front. The rocker in the tail allows this board to be ridden with more performance and the mellow entry rocker helps it get into waves earlier. It’s a little thinner than would be expected to help with the flex. The bottom starts with a light single concave up front that blends into a very light vee through the mid, and a double con vee that peaks in the sweet spot, 24 inches up from the tail. Beginner or advanced, everyone should have a Fun board in their quiver, even if it’s your first custom board.

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