Celebrate legendary ’80s style with the monochrome « Icon » Shark Watch from Freestyle. This black and white design features edgy pixelated prints in a punk collage style, embracing the DIY ethos of the era. Inspired by photocopied zines, the gritty pattern pays homage to the underground icons who shaped ’80s art, music, and fashion. Make a statement with this timeless watch celebrating the singular icons of the ’80s.

Catch the wave of ’80s nostalgia with our new « I Love the ’80s » digital surf watch collection. The ’80s were a time of bold colors, big hair, and even bigger fun.

Neon lights lit up the Sunset Strip where hair metal bands rocked out in spandex and leather. Days were spent soaking up the California sun in board shorts and bikinis. When the sun went down, the party kept going with wild styles of leopard print, shoulder pads, and crimped hair.

Our « I Love the ’80s » collection of watches features sleek digital displays reminiscent of the era’s technology. The bright colors and patterns pay homage to ’80s fashion. Durable Leash and Clip closures are inspired by the decade’s surf culture. It’s like a rad blast from the past for your wrist.

With these watches, you can celebrate the totally tubular ’80s anytime. Excellent for adding some gnarly retro flair to your look. Cowabunga dudes! It’s time to return to the age of boomboxes, synthesizers, and mullets with Freestyle!

Channeling the ’80s spirit, the Shark Clip from Freestyle boldly resurrects the iconic Clip band system that ignited our legacy. Just like latching your seatbelt, you can fasten this surf-ready watch in a flash. The Shark Clip delivers the full lineup of righteous digital features – we’re talking time, date, stopwatch, timer, alarm and backlight. Seamlessly blending ’80s nostalgia with modern functionality, the Shark Clip comes with Freestyle Watches’ unbeatable lifetime warranty.

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