RUSTY Surfboard
419 Fish PU



The 419 Fish is Rusty’s high performance update for a classic fish and completes the quarto of the flat deck angular rails family.

The bottom of the board features a light convex entry that transitions into a moderate single concave through the midsection and finishes with a bit of vee off the corners. The low entry rocker stays relaxed through the entire length of the bottom. Roughly translated to mean paddle power while maintaining the performance at the business end. Rail transitions on the 419 Fish are easier due to the flat deck.

The angular rails provide more bite and drive off the turns than other classic fish rolled rails. The board also has an even thickness flow: a beak nose through a bit thinner center section to a some what fuller tail.Overall, this board is great groveler for those small lumpy days that can still handle considerable size and top to bottom movement when the waves turn on.

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